Workouts do good and not so good to skin

How workouts benefits skin :

There are multiple forms of workouts that can bring change to our way of living including improved mood and better approach towards day to day tasks, boosted immune system, uplifted energy, improved metabolism, and what not. But what does it do to our skin? In one line, “workout can reverse our age and make us look younger and better everyday.

Dermatologists from all over the world have appreciated the effect of workout on our skin, they say workout improves blood flow through all the organs of our body including our largest organ “skin”. Due to improved blood flow it not only gets more oxygen and nutritions but also gets rid of impurities. Which gives it the radiant look every time we finish our workout session.

How workout causes skin problem:

Best way of adapting any thing in our lifestyles is to understand it’s good side and bad sides properly or surprises comes with shocks. It is true that good blood flow makes your skin glow naturally to its best. But have your wondered why you get these questions:

1. Why do I get breakouts even though I eat clean and workout regularly?

Whether you do gymming, cycling, jogging, running, yoga or any form of physical workout you experience heat being released and feels sweat everywhere on your body. That sweat causes impurities getting clogged in pores and if not been taken care of them properly they cause severe acne problem.

Common reasons of breakouts:

  • Make up, make up can form a thick layer on your skin and when impurities comes out from pores they gets clogged in and results in acne

  • Unsuitable fabric, when you use an unstable fabric to cover your face or wipe your face during work out it also results in chafing(redness caused by rubbing cloth on sweaty skin), acne, blemishes and in worst case it can cause any skin reaction as well.

  • Dirty Towel, using a dirty towel can clearly give you breakouts as it is already carrying impurities.

  • Not using sun protection, when you are exposed to sun while working out your skin can get more damage due to harmful UV rays. 
  • Not washing face after workout, when your impurities comes out with sweat and it gets dried and you do not cleanse your face with a very gentle cleanser. 

  • Using harmful soap or body wash after workout, we get the best mirror selfies after workout because our skin shines due to sweat but the sweat if not washed with a gentle body wash or soap it results in break outs, white heads/black heads and skin infections.


  • Hydration and sun protection, use a non comedogenic or water  based moisturiser or a serum that does not clog pores and apply sunscreen over it to protect from UV rays. Miel Naturals has introduced a perfect blend in their moisturising serum which is not only very light on skin and absorbs quickly without clogging pores, it also keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours and stop oil production. It has very efficient ingredients like matcha, hemp( matcha and hemp controls bacterias from spreading) and niacinamide(controls blemishes).

  • Clean towels, make sure that you use a fresh and clean towel every time  you workout to wipe your face.

  • Wash your face after workout. When we workout our skin pores gets open and becomes more prone to catch impurities. Make sure to wash your face after every workout session with a decent gentle cleanser which is free from all harmful chemicals, cleans pores thoroughly and tighten them. Miel Naturals  has introduced it Hokkaido Matcha Face Cleanser, which fits in all the mentioned criteria.

  • Wash your body with a gentle body wash which is free from harmful chemicals but also have ingredients which has anti bacterial properties. Anti bacterial is essential because while doing workout our body comes in contact with used benches, lots of sweat and bacterias. Miel Naturalshas an amazing body wash in their range of products. It’s Spanish Blossom Body Washhave tea tree which removes all the bacterias and works great on skin, aloe vera gel which leaves skin moisturised and balances natural skin oil, shea butter which leaves your skin soft and smooth.

  • Moisturise your body, use a body milk because it not only absorbs quickly but also keeps your body moisturised for longer time as compared to other moisturising products. Spanish Blossom Body Milk, is the recommended body milk from Miel Natural as it has the best ingredients to keep your skin soft and healthy.

  • Suitable fabric, if your are not sure which one suits you well then you can either try cotton or polyester as they are great in absorbing sweat.    

2. Why do my hair gets damaged?

Sweat is great for body, it removes impurities from your body and cool down your nature but what it does to your hair is unfortunately not so cool. Here’s why;

Hair problems due to sweat:

  • Hair loss, sweat has lots of salt in it which  results in too much dryness in scalp which can result in hair loss.

  • Dandruff, dandruff is basically flakes of dried upper layer of scalp which is caused by sweat.

  • Dullness and Frizziness, to get rid of that much sweat people use shampoo daily and according to Dr Rinky Kapoor it results in dullness and frizziness. This is because too much use of shampoo can extract nourishment out of hair and make them thinner and dull.


Raise in body temperature and sweating is inevitable, it’s a part of the process. If you are suffering from serious dandruff, hair fall, dullness or frizziness then don’t look for solution on internet  and see dermatologist ASAP. But if these problems are mild then we can add few steps and take advantage of this process for hair. Here’s how;

  • Oiling: We all are aware of benefits of oiling but what we don’t know is it works much better  if you workout after oiling your hair. When our body heats up and sweats, hair follicle opens up a bit and it can absorb maximum amount of nutrition from oil. Make sure it doesn’t stay longer than two hours and oil only if you are planning to wash your hair post workout.
  • Wash: Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo which does not have paragon, silicon and harmful sulphates. When you work out your hair follicle opens up and receives more of what you apply so make sure to use a decent shampoo and conditioner. Fortunately Miel Naturalhave Moroccan Argan Shampoo and Moroccan Argan Conditioner in their collection, they have moroccan argan oil, onion oil, virgin coconut oil and apple cider vinegar , more importantly they are free from silicons, sulphates, paragons and all those harmful chemicals which can cause hair problem. 

These two simple steps can control dullness and frizziness, hairball and dandruff very efficiently.

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