The Importance of Choosing Natural Skin Care

Here at Miel, we love nature and natural products, and our love for helping people make healthy choices knows no bound. Our generation is experiencing the Green Revolution, and this revolution is much needed to survive and stay fit. People are thinking about their choices in purchasing, and it will affect their bodies and environment. First, consumers were mindful of an organic diet to take care of their bodies. And now they are realizing that the same scrutiny needs to be applied to skin and body care products that they use every day. 

Though most countries try to make sure that skin, hair, and body care products meet strict safety guidelines to protect users, the rules & standards are not stringent enough. They allow manufacturing products with chemical-based ingredients that can harm your skin and hair. In addition, many of such products are being sold under the tag of “premium” brand name. 

Because of such carelessness and oversight, consumers are exploited. Such practices leave us with no choice but to educate customers about the products they use on their bodies and skin. It may seem difficult at first with the biological names, scientific terms, and chemistry. But here we are, making it simple for you to understand. 

We believe that one of the best ways to ensure your skin health is by knowing about the ingredients you are putting on it. Therefore, pay attention to the ingredient list when you purchase personal care products. Unfortunately, when shopping at drug stores, supermarkets, or any grocery store, one cannot be assured that the skin and personal care products offered are free from chemicals and toxic substances. Synthetic fragrance, silicones, petroleum-based ingredients, and preservatives are the ingredients that are bad for your skin and have potential health consequences. 

At Miel, we serve our customers with the best interest and intentions. We are not just a brand that offers natural personal care products, but we educate our consumers. We strive to serve best to our customers and share a goal of helping our customers to make healthier life choices. 

Cheers to the healthier year and healthier skin ahead with Miel!

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