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The Short Guide to Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

Whether you follow a five-step hair routine or want to keep your beauty routine as simple and as pragmatic as possible. It is safe to say that nothing can beat the duo of shampoo and conditioner among all of it. 

But why conditioner? What does a conditioner do? Can you apply it normally or need some specific routine? Is this behavior a mass thing or some scientific thing?

How does it start?

Let’s learn it through. Starting from history- the word shampoo in English evolved from the Hindi word “champu”. During the colonial era, traders were involved with champu – an act of washing hair and body massage during routine baths. The word derives from the Sanskrit word Chapo – meaning to knead, press, or soothe. Later when the Europeans returned, they came with the newly learned hair treatment termed shampoo. 

How’s it going?

Today shampoo is popular in every corner of the world. It is available in every range, color, ingredients, and zodiac sign. Shampooing in the right way helps you get rid of extra sebum, dirt, build-up, scalp irritation, and sweat. 

To get rid of sebum and thoroughly clean your scalp and hair, what you need is a surfactant. And that’s the ingredient you need to give priority. There’s a lot to learn about this ingredient. For now, know that this is a chemical that facilitates the binding of water to help you get rid of sebum and dirt.

Shampoo with conditioner

When you deep clean your scalp, it is exposed to irritation and dryness. 

So, how to deal with it? Quite simple!

Conditioner is used after the shampoo to defend the scalp, restore necessary oils, and replenish its hydration and nutrients! Read on to learn how.

Hair contains both positive and negative charges. The damaged hair has more negative charges than Healthy Hair. Generally, positive charges are more attracted to negative charges on the hair, resulting in conditioner depositing on your strands and reducing electricity. As conditioners are somewhat acidic, they tend to flatten the cuticles over a shaft, reduce friction, and increase shine, and color. That smoothening makes brushing and combing easier. Conditioners can even briefly seal split ends.

Is it healthy to wash your hair every day?

It all depends on preference and hair type. Many dermatologists believe washing with well-formulated shampoo is good for the healthy growth of hair and a happy scalp. But it is all about finding balance. Right shampoo, with the right ingredients and the right amount of conditioner, is essential for healthy hair. 

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