Exclusive Skin Hair and Body Combo (Matcha Face Cleasner + Matcha Moisturizing Serum +Spanish Blossom Body Wash + Spanish Blossom Body Milk + Argan Shampoo + Argan Conditioner


Exclusive Face Care Combo (Hokkaido Matcha Face Cleanser + Hokkaido Matcha Face Serum)

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The Ultimate Moroccan Argan Hair Care Combo (Moroccan Argan Shampoo + Moroccan Argan Nourishing Conditioner)


Miel is a beyond organic skin and hair care brand that aims to do something very simple yet completely revolutionary. We make nutrient-rich skincare products that are all-natural. Made with superfood ingredients, our products are packed with minerals and growth factors.



Nourish your hair with Miel Natural’s Moroccan Argan Shampoo. Powered with Argan oil, Onion oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Virgin Coconut Oil, this shampoo is specifically formulated to repair and rejuvenate your hair. It helps to balance the pH of hair and scalp by stimulating better blood circulation to the hair follicles. The shampoo is free of harmful toxins, Sulphates and Parabens which gently detoxifies the hair and scalp by clearing up the built-up dirt, pollution, and dead scalp cells.

Nourishing Conditioner

Miel Natural’s Moroccan Argan conditioner is an ultimate remedy for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. This hair conditioner is enriched with Argan oil, Onion black castor oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E that reduces split ends, nourishes and conditions your hair. The conditioner smoothens, repairs and nourishes hair for a lustrous texture. It detangles hair and makes it more manageable. Our conditioner free from chemicals, parabens and toxins. It keeps the hair moist, strong and hence will revive your hair.

9 reviews for The Ultimate Moroccan Argan Hair Care Combo (Moroccan Argan Shampoo + Moroccan Argan Nourishing Conditioner)

  1. Saba Ahmed

    Love the way this cleans my scalp without over-drying, unlike some of the larger brand name products. I’m also seeing a difference in hair fall. Overall a great product.

  2. Ananya Patel

    It gives the sense of luxury. Works well for my hair.

  3. Aakash Patel

    Great products at affordable price.

  4. Varshini Arunachalan

    It cleans scalp very well, and their conditioner is amazing.

  5. Aarushi Pandey

    It really working for my hair fall control issue. The conditioner is amazing. It imparts the sense of all natural formula. Highly recommended.

  6. Gaurangi Verma

    In love with this Moroccan Argan range. Its has controlled my hair fall and I really liked their soothing conditioner.

  7. Shalini Agarwal

    Its been more than a month since I m using this shampoo. Texture of my hair has visibly improved and has controlled my frizziness.

  8. Isha Nakrani

    Me and My daughter have curly hair. Its suiting us well. Getting all what they have claimed.

  9. Neha Gowda

    The combination of Argan oil, onion oil and apple cider vinegar is working well for my hair fall and frizziness.

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Caring For you & the earth : Sustainability is our mission & all our ingredients are sourced direct from the nature in the most sustainable manner.



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