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Experience the Luxury Natural with just one click. Whether you are new to Miel Natural, or are existing user looking to try new products. We have got you covered.

Get the Goodness of Nature delivered to your doorstep at just 119rs or get any two miniatures and MIEL’s exclusive bag for free on all orders above 599rs.

Please note You need to add “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” to your cart along with the order value of 599rs to activate our FREEBIE Offer.


1. How many products are available in “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”?

Ans– A total of Five Products miniatures are included in “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”.

2. Can I Get “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” for free?

Ans– You will get Two Products Miniature and Miel’s Exclusive bag for free on orders above 599rs. Please note you need to add “Try Before You Buy” in your cart along with the order value of 599rs to activate our FREEMINIATURE Offer.



21 reviews for Try Before You Buy

  1. Raziya nayeem Khan

    A product is very good and or all about is for Organic that’s why we want to use

  2. Raziya nayeem Khan

    Nice product all is organic

  3. ritu

    Absolutely love it. The scent is great. It doesn’t dry out like within half a day. I even use it on my face and I don’t have breakouts like with my face soap. Also I don’t have problems with foot odor like I did before and it cleanses effectively. shmapoo is amazing too .
    after buying the sample am definitely buy the products too 👌🏿

  4. Sarifa shabbir mansuri


  5. Sarifa shabbir mansuri


  6. Nishtha Mehta

    Came across this on Instagram and I ordered it just to try to it and I loved it. Their products and packaging are amazing.

  7. Kajal Singh

    Got this product delivered today. I am in love with their face cleanser and body milk.

  8. Pankti Joshi

    I ordered this on 1st of February and received it yesterday. Summarising it in a one line review. I just loved all 5 of the products. Very effective and they smells amazing.

  9. Aparna Pandya

    I loved their Body Wash, Shampoo and their packaging.

  10. Pranav Gupta

    Their face cleanser is amazing. It doesn’t dry out the skin. It’s even better than Cetaphil.

  11. Ronit Kothari

    I am in love with these miniatures. Their face cleanser, shampoo and body milk are must try.

  12. Sahila sabnam

    Nice product

  13. Shweta Nagpal

    Cute Miniatures, Lovely packaging and Effective formulation. Totally loved it.

  14. Garima Mehta

    What a great initiative. Came across these lovely miniatures on Instagram. Very travel friendly and loved their all natural organic products.

  15. Sakshi Diwan

    Amazing products and lovely miniatures. Must try

  16. Megha Acharya

    I loved their natural and organic scent. Must try.

  17. Prachi Bhatia

    I came across their advertisement on Instagram. Thought to give it a try and honestly, I just loved their packaging and their organic formula.

  18. Rehma Saiyed

    Amazing miniatures and so travel friendly. Loved all 5 of them.

  19. Kulwant Singh

    I like product and so good

  20. Shikha Gupta

    Awesome pls try this

  21. Hima

    Very good

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