skin pH level

Everything you need to know about the pH level of the skin.

Remember your chemistry lab where you used to check the pH level of water samples with the help of litmus paper? The potential hydrogen (pH) level describes the level of acidity, the range of pH levels is from 0 to 14 where 0 stands for absolute alkaline and 14 stands for absolute acid. The average level of our body is around 7 and our skin’s average pH level is 5 which depicts the perfect balance between alkalinity(0) and acidity(14). Let’s move to specific things you need to know to keep your skin healthy by maintaining its pH level.

How does the right pH level affect the skin’s function?

When sebum excreted from the oil gland mix with the sweat, it creates a layer called acid mantle which is supposed to lock moisture and stop bacterias from coming in. When the pH level of that layer gets above 5.5 the skin becomes very sensitive and it gets prone to acne and reactions and similarly when it gets below 4 it gets dry and very dull.

How to maintain or restore the ideal pH level of your skin?

The key to maintaining or restoring the skin’s pH level is to moisturize it regularly irrespective of your skin type. You can choose a suitable moisturizer for your skin but the important part is its regular application. If you have combination or oily skin, you can have this thought of not using any moisturizer as it makes your skin more oily. In that case, you can try water or gel-based moisturizer. Miel Natural has introduced a perfect combination of serum and moisturizer, the name is Moisturising Face Serum. It is made of all-natural ingredients and the best part is it has the perfect pH level of 5.

The next solution is hydration, make sure you are sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. You need to drink an ample amount of water otherwise dehydration can result in pH imbalance. Eat enough green veggies and fruits(our parents are right in many ways), a proper diet will help your skin to maintain its perfect pH level.

What is the right pH level for different personal care products?

Most of our skincare products do not show their pH level on labels but most of them fall in the right range of pH level. If any product is causing problems to your skin, it’s a sign of an improper pH level. Here’s the list of all the products and their respective pH range.

ProductspH Range
Face CleanserspH 4.5 to 7
TonerspH 5 to 7
SunscreenspH 5 to 7.5
MoisturizerspH 5 to 7
AHA and BHA ExfoliantspH 3.2 to 3.9
SerumspH 4 to 6
Vitamin C Products (ascorbic acid)pH 2.6 to 3.2
Retinol ProductspH 4 to 6.6

Miel Natural has consciously designed all the products keeping them extremely safe to use, all are laboratory tested and all are free from harsh chemicals that can disturb your skin’s pH level.

Is it safe to layer products with different pH levels?

It may look like it’s not safe but the truth is personal care products are formulated in a way that will not cause any problem if get layered with another product.

But, excess heat can result in some irritations as products can change their pH level at excessive heat. The good part is it can happen only in extreme conditions. This is about pH levels, not the ingredients, irritation can occur if the ingredients of different products are not compatible.

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