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The Science Behind Split Ends: Why Dry Hair Breaks

Unending bad hair days? But why do we get bad hair days so often? The reason might be split ends. 

Split ends are quite common, but they make a huge mess out of your hair. They are signs of damaged hair and the more damaged hair is, the more untameable they get. 

The biggest culprit is the lack of moisturizer; it wreaks havoc on your hair. Dry, parched hair gives the perfect environment for split ends to nurture, leading to weaker hair that breaks easily. Hair breakage leads to thinning of hair and stops its healthy growth. 

Well, split ends cannot be repaired, you will have to chop them off. But you can stop split ends from damaging your hair. 

Cuticles- The defender

Before we get on the prevention measures, it is important to know the science behind thinning of hair and split ends. It all depends on the physical structure from inside to outside of cuticles to the tip of hair strands.

Cuticles run around 10 layers deep and it is made up of flat overlapping scales. It acts as a barrier that creates a shield around the cortex – the interior layer of hair that gives shape, curl, elasticity and resilience. 

And when your cuticles are damaged, there is no shield to protect your hair. Hence, split ends, breakage, and more damaged hair. So, how does hair feel? Dull, frizzy, and dry! 

In other words, it is extremely important to have healthy cuticles.

Damage by combing and brushing

We create potential damage to our hair by combing and brushing. You create a lot of strain on your hair when you comb or brush as our strands are bent, twisted, and stretched. Moreover, it causes more damage because of fiber-to-fiber friction. 

All this heaviness on your hair makes them and breaks the “glue bonding” between the layer of cuticles. This separates the layer from one another and lifts away, generally known as de-cementation. 

Damaged cuticles lead to the splitting of hair strands and breakage. As we comb and brush, tangling, and twisting create friction and weakens the strands. Friction, tangling, and stretching result in fractures and eventually cause split ends and damaged hair. 

Your hair stops growing when your split ends are continuously breaking and splitting. Now, let us know how to protect and strengthen strands. 

Protect your strands – condition and moisturize cuticles. 

The most effortless thing to do is to condition because hair needs hydration to prevent it from being damaged. 

If anyone has dry, frizzy, and brittle hair that is hard to comb, make sure the Hair Cuticles stay healthy and stand against harsh brushing and combing. To have healthy cuticles, you need to deeply moisturize and condition your hair along with the proper washing and maintaining scalp hygiene. 

Well, the right shampoo and conditioner will protect your cuticles and prevent them from documentation, and eventually, get rid of split ends. 


Look for a conditioner that offers detangling and excellent moisturizing properties to reduce harsh brushing. Detangling will reduce the breaking, twisting, and bending of hair strands from brushing. 


Hair needs proper moisture to prevent it from damage. Usually, hair gets more damaged from brushing. Hair products with lower molecular weight biopolymers are best to penetrate the hair fiber and lock the moisture for a longer duration and keep your strands hydrated. 

And remember your hair needs special care when you step out of the shower. Your wet hairs are more fragile, so avoid brushing or else brush it with a wide-tooth comb. 

The best shampoo and conditioners 

Thankfully, you have ample hair products that prevent breakage and give you long lustrous hair. We, at Miel Natural, have worked towards sustaining the environment and creating haircare and skincare products that are cruelty-free and naturally sourced. Our Moroccan Argan Shampoo and Moroccan Argan Nourishing Conditioner are packed with natural blends of oil including argan oil, virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, and other nourishing ingredients like cocoa and shea butter to deliver nutrients that your cuticle needs. Our haircare products deliver a hefty punch of nutrients that hydrate your scalp, nourish and strengthen your hair, and provide shiny, strong and silky hair in a few washes only.

Find out your perfect balance with us and give your hair the deep conditioning and moisture they need. 

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