Body Milk or Body Lotion?

BODY LOTION Or BODY MILK? Choose wisely.

Ever got confused between Body Milk and Body Lotion? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This …

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Hair Fall Causes and their Solutions

Relatable causes of hair fall and their respective solutions

Hair fall, ever wondered how common this thing is in our day-to-day lives? Sometimes it’s fewer times it’s more but …

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skin pH level

Everything you need to know about the pH level of the skin.

Remember your chemistry lab where you used to check the pH level of water samples with the help of litmus …

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Benefits of Hemp on skin.

Hemp has been harvested for hundreds of years for food, fuel, and medicine, its uncommon history includes lots of controversies, …

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Yoga, an effective method of self discovery.

Yoga Benefits For Skin

Yoga does wonders for your skin as well, lets’s start from the beginning, Traces of yoga have been found in …

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Which Chemicals are safe for the skin?

  Let’s start with a basic question, “Are chemicals safe for skin?”. The answer is “YES, but not all are …

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