Body Milk or Body Lotion?

BODY LOTION Or BODY MILK? Choose wisely.

Body Milk or Body Lotion?

Ever got confused between Body Milk and Body Lotion? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This blog will break down everything separating these two moisturizing products from each other. Both the products are supposed to keep your skin hydrated, fresh, and dewy but not both result in the same way. Let’s dive into the comparison.


The body lotion is formulated with a higher proportion of water and less oil resulting in a light and bit watery texture whereas body milk has a higher proportion of oil like shea butter resulting in a creamier and rich texture.


Even if you pay much attention to photographs of both the products you can hardly differentiate between the texture of the two but when you get your hands on them the difference is quite noticeable.

Due to less viscosity body lotions are more watery and light in texture whereas due to high viscosity body milk is more creamy like thick milk.

Lasting effect

Body lotion does promise of lasting for more than 24 hrs but as you know now they contain more water which evaporates faster than expected. Whereas body milk contains more oil, they have a fine creamier texture. The oil stays in for long hours keeping your skin protected for more hours than body lotion.


Both the products do moisturize well but as body lotion evaporates faster and body milk stays in for longer, it results in deep moisturization and keeps your skin soft and dewy for more hours.

But apart from their individual properties it also depends on factors like your skin type, the surrounding, sun exposure, and humidity.


Know your skin type

  • If you get sweat quite often which means you have oily skin, in such case you should opt for body lotions. 
  • No excess oil and bit dryness, go for body milk. The rich and thin cream body milk will not only spread easily but also will stay in for a longer time. Also, it will repair the excessive dry areas like your knees or elbow.
  • Dry and dull skin? The body milk is a boon for you. Choosing body lotion will always give you regret. Body milk will give your skin softness and proper treatment for dryness. In extreme cases apply body milk twice a day.
  • Now as you know what to do, we suggest you try refreshing Spanish Blossom Body Milk introduced by MIEL NATURAL. It has shea butter which will not only keep your skin hydrated but also protect your skin cells from sun damage, an amazing fragrance of Spanish blossom for that ever-lasting freshness, and natural aloe vera creating it amazingly smooth and nonsticky. 

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