Wearing face mask is inevitable, so is Maskne!

Wearing face mask is inevitable, so is Maskne..

What is maskne?

We all have come across the stage of our life when we had to deal with acne (pimples) which usually starts at the age of puberty and continues till mid  thirties. In addition to its many causes, our shield “face mask” has become a latest addition. At one end our masks guard us from the viruses present in the air but at other end it gives us a bit of discomfort, oiliness, blemishes and acne. That acne caused by wearing mask is also known as Maskne (Mask+acne).

Maskne is not a discovery, it was always bothering people who were in a profession where they had to wear mask but as it has become the most common essential part of everybody’s life, maskne has captured our attention. 

What causes maskne?

When we breathe we exhale hot air from our nostrils and mouth, that hot air gets captured when we are wearing masks. It is annoying but the worst part is it creates a warm and humid environment which encourages acne causing bacterias to grow. And as a result we get pimples around our nose, chin and lips.

We have millions of pores on our skin which are supposed to make our skin breathable and when these pores gets clogged it results in blackheads, whiteheads and pimples or acne. Sometimes  these pores gets clogged by the layer of skin care products we use and when we wear masks on top of it they tend to get clogged more likely because of humidity locked under the mask.

How to control maskne?


Skin of face is one of the most sensitive skin of our body. Not all the materials suits well when come in direct contact on skin. While choosing mask make sure it is breathable enough. Problems that can occur if unsuitable mask is wore.

For sensitive skin types, avoid using masks made of synthetic or nylon material.

Face Cleanser:

When you have a long day ahead where you are supposed to wear mask, make sure you wash your face before heading out. In addition if the mask is gonna stay for too long, washing a face once in between can be really beneficial. Make sure the cleanser you use is gentle on your skin, keeps pores clean and tightens them, stops acne from happening and spreading, and leaves your skin soft and subtle.

Miel Natural has introduced its Hokkaido Matcha  face cleanser which is just right for you. It has an effective combination of matcha and hemp which will not only cleans the pores throughly but also tightens them leaving a clean and radiant skin.

Serum/Moisturiser :

When humidity gets locked inside the mask, pores gets bigger and when they are covered by thick layer of lotion or makeup or suns cream pimple appears. So always wear those products which are non comedogenic and anti bacterial. Also, make sure that your product has ingredients which fights blemishes, controls oil, does not clog pores and stop acne bacterias from spreading. 

Miel Natural Moisturising Serum has matcha+hemp which controls bacteria of acne from spreading, super light texture which absorbs quickly without creating thick layer, niacinamide which protects skin from blemishes, hyaluronic acid which keeps pores unclogged and so on. Try it and feel the solution by yourself. 

Skin care routine:

Right skin care routine can help a lot in controlling maskne, few steps to consider;

  • Wash your face twice a day with a gentle skin cleanser.
  • Moisturise your face with a decent and non comedogenic serum or moisturiserafter every wash
  • When wearing mask for long time then wash your face at least once and if that is not possible then use a toner in between to keep skin healthy.
  • Exfoliate skin once/twice a week.

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